August 14, 2014 PMI Montgomery AL Chapter Dinner Meeting

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The Chapter is pleased to announce the program for the August 14, 2014 Dinner Meeting:

 “D.U.H.: A More Meaningful Way to Deal with Project Risk”

Presented by Ms. Lisa Murphy, PMP. "D.U.H. – Dependency, Uncertainty, Hard stuff delves into the relationship between project management and risk.

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Many observers have noted that project management at its core is about managing risks. In her experience in nearly 100 systems projects, Lisa realized that it is helpful to think of a risk arising from one of three domains: those due to dependencies, those due to uncertainties, and those due to inherent difficulty in the job to be done.  

The presentation will provide examples of the D.U.H. classification and show how it maps to strategies for defining work, understanding the best path forward, and mitigating (and occasionally exploiting) project risk.


lisa murphyLisa Murphy, a native of a small town in the central Sierra Nevada in California, is pretty surprised to find herself a resident of the Black Belt River Region in the Heart of Dixie, Montgomery, Alabama. Her time in the south started when she left graduate school at Indiana University to take a faculty position at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where she taught information systems for four years. Her exploration of the south continued through two years at UA in Tuscaloosa and a year as a Research Scientist at UA Huntsville. Her eight years in Huntsville included a stint as head of the ERP systems for a military contractor and three years working at Marshall Space Flight Center on information systems projects for NASA specializing in engineering data.

Last year she came to Montgomery intending to apply herself to tools, techniques, and processes of new product development and engineering at VT Miltope. Most recently that has involved being responsible for making sure that the new ERP system could actually make the products that engineering designs. She earned her PMP while in Huntsville, having by that time been a member of, led, or supervised over 85 systems development projects for organizations ranging from Boeing to Russell Athletic Clothing to the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra to NASA.  

As a volunteer for TEDxHuntsville, and inspired by her sister’s presentation on Design Conversations at TEDX-TU, Tulane University’s TEDx in 2011, Lisa decided to try to distill her project management insights into the fewest possible elements, this arriving at D.U.H. – Dependency, Uncertainty, Hard stuff.

Plan now to attend what promises to be a very informative meeting!

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Location:RSA Plaza at 770 Washington Street (corner of Washington and Ripley)


   FREE Parking  in the parking deck after 5 pm:


  • Enter the parking deck at 777 Adams Avenue
  • Drive up the ramp one floor (be careful, there are two entrance gates to the parking deck, side-by-side, but only ONE goes UP).
  • Park in any empty space. Enter the building from the deck and walk forward to the lobby.
  • Take an elevator up to the 6th floor.


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Monthly Dinner Meetings

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 LOCATION:     RSA Plaza at 770 Washington Street (corner of Washington and Ripley)

 DATE & TIME: 2nd Thursday of each month (except December; no meeting)   From  5:30 pm until 7:30 pm

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